10 Most Popular TECH Positions

10 Most Popular TECH Positions

Almost every aspect of our lives today is connected to technology!

We are experiencing time of incredible expansion of the Internet, cloud solutions, Big Data, new software, mobile applications, augmented and virtual reality, social media and gaming industry. Therefore, either small or large companies will increasingly rely on qualified and highly specialized IT professionals who can solve the issues with the development of new the products or improve existing ones.

In the previous two years, the information technology market as such has not changed, but in particular the demand for various technologies and experts has increased. The pandemic – due to the transition of most companies to the “remote” world – has caused an increase in demand for IT processes, projects and IT specialists, and even after its end, this trend does not subside.

Companies try to cover IT projects not only from their own internal human resources, but many times they also / or exclusively turn to outsourcing companies that can get them such IT specialists.

We in SEITEQ are one of these companies and we have been mediating exceptional projects and cooperation opportunities for various IT specialists for 13 years.

Companies are becoming more decentralized, recruiting people from all over the world. Distance is not a problem anymore. It is therefore easier to work from your living room for companies in USA, Switzerland, Germany or anywhere else. That is raising the issues of company´s data security up to the top. Therefore, it is not surprising that the demand for experts in cloud solutions as well as IT security has increased.

Development and changes in IT are moving forward at the speed of light. It is one of the fastest growing segments in the entire economy. In connection with AI, ML, RPA and IoT, which are used in the name of efficiency gains mainly in the field of process automation and digitization in each sector, it is clear that IT will be on the rise for a few more years (or decades). IT and programming jobs are expected to increase by up to 21% by 2028.

Companies are trying to attract and afterwards to keep top IT talents, because for them it means to be a step ahead of the competition. It is an ideal solution for them to look for such people through outsourced IT companies such as SEITEQ.

According to a survey by the Omnes group, the 10 most popular TECH positions are:

1. Data scientist / Data analyst

2. DevOps engineer

3. Project manager

4. Cybersecurity specialist

5. Software engineer

6. Cloud engineer / Architect

7. Product owner / Product manager

8. Business analyst

9. UX designer

10. Software test engineer

The portfolio of IT projects and the focus of companies is incredibly large in these days. Therefore, it is no wonder that everyone is looking for something different to cover the specific requirements they need. That extraordinary people, the best IT specialists.