2023 IT Resolutions

2023 IT Resolutions

Even in the last two pandemic years we can see that the pace of changes in IT environment are not slowing down. On the contrary. The changes are coming and happening faster. Following up shifts and being on the top of all new trends can give you that head start and set you apart from your competition.

However, for this you need to have the right mindset, focus, energy and determination to work on yourself.

Try to be better version of yourself

What is ahead of us, we will see. But not to be just in the passive role, let´s have a look what WE can do in 2023 that will make our life more joyful, happier and easier? What should be our New Year´s resolutions?

Dive into “non-comfort” zone

As the years go by, we tend to incline to situations that are in our comfort zones. We find that sweet spot that works for us and we just stick with it. Without even thinking about it. But as we know, that is not where the success is hidden. The world of IT and technology is one of the fastest changing environments. And we need to keep up, otherwise we will be forgotten.

Your success waits out of your comfort zone

So, what can you do? Start with something small at first, like switch QWERTY to QWERTZ for one day, don´t use your computer mouse for 1 hour or switch it to the other hand, use a different window manager, try different OS. Try to find some positives about the “new way” and learn to appreciate the “old” one. Be present. Trick your brain to “change-friendly” zone.

To automate or not to automate, that is the question

Not every one of us is pro in every area of IT. But that is good. It gives us the chance to discover small new worlds outside of that ours. Automation makes your life in programming so much easier. But just think of things that still wait to be automated. In your virtual world you can reset the email filters, procmail, or create shell scripts to automate frequent tasks. And for fun you can then just play with program 😊 a small robot. (Did you try Lego Mindstorms?)

Automation of your routine tasks make it easier

Learn something new

Go for a seminar, learn how to cook your favourite meal, study online, start learning new language. You can choose from so many varieties of new things that you can learn. That will keep your brain “on the toes” and enable your brain cells to focus better and faster. You are never too old or too good to learn something new.

The forgotten world of analog

From time to time let´s get back to basic. Not only online and digital world keeps us happy. Sometimes we need to just turned it all off and just enjoy some activities without any modern technology. How often do you go skiing, jogging, dancing, to fitness center, for walk, call your school mates from good old “high school time” or just simply go out with your friends you didn´t see for ages? Let´s make it in 2023 a bit more often.

Meeting your friends or loved ones increase your endorphin levels

Focus on our health

All IT jobs have something in common. Doesn´t matter what area are you in, what company is your project for … All of us just sits too much during the days (and the luckier ones stand in one place too much). Don´t forget to take care about your body, especially your back and backbone. Maybe going to that physio therapy – that you had postponed so many times – wouldn´t be such a bad idea. Stick to some healthy habits this year.

IT security is never secure enough

If you are asking if you have set a good digital security protocol for yourself, the answer is probably no. Research some code violations from previous months and think about how you can implement some preventions in your code, have a look on cryptography trends, or set up port knocking and most important – don´t forget to back up your data. Making backups maybe the boring part and it makes our skin crawl, but it is inevitable. Well, just in case you would like to keep your data. When was the last time you made your backup? 😉

Never ending story of cyber security

Bottom line is that you don´t need any advice or ton of resolutions. Somewhere deep down you already know what is good for you and which way is the one to go. We just wish you all the best in 2023. May your computers be fast, your codes bug free and your days filled with joy.