Hot IT&TECH Trends for 2023

Hot IT&TECH Trends for 2023

As we saw during previous years, it is obvious that new IT and TECH trends will just keep rising. Many market leaders in AI, IoT or AR/VR already announced plans for upcoming year and that will bring some activities in the field of IT and software development. So, will the year 2023 bring us even more surprises than we already expect?

Let´s have a look at the trends in software and IT we can expect this year.

The speed is the key

Many of the nowadays innovations (such as IoT, machine learning, augmented or virtual reality) are demanding regarding the data flow, so high speed connection is a MUST. There is where 5G will be taking one of the positions for 2023 trends.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things – Helping on the way to higher effectivity

SMART life & business

When you have a great connectivity, the range of your possibilities for devices becomes wider. This feature uses also IoT (Internet of Things) that thanks to sensors and chips provides real-time data and information without any delay or human assistance. That allows industry world-wide to control and adapt their processes to higher effectivity.  Another chapter opening is IoB (Internet of Behaviour). We will see how this segment will set up.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the IT and TECH trends that keeps rising already for few years in a row. As we see, AI is starting to be (bigger or smaller) part of every business area of the economy. Even in the fields we would not expect few years ago. Investments in AI are and will be growing also this year.

New reality ahead

New types of reality like AR or VR are on the market already for few seasons, but just recently it started to be the part of our daily lives. The IT leader companies already mass distribute the hardware to the markets and for others you do not need any special devices at all – so it becomes easy to have this experience at home. What is more important, it became part of the areas like medicine, e-commerce or heavy industry where it helps to save lives, reduce costs, wipe off the geographic distance or improve shopping experience.

Augmented reality and Virtual reality
Using AR and VR in new areas of life

Python Kingdom

Python is one of the programming languages that are very universal and can be used in many areas – (web, mobiles). But it has its uniqueness in a field of operations and data analysis that can be very useful while using it for projects of artificial intelligence and machine learning – what is few of the rising trends. As we wrote in our previous article it is also used for apps such as Instagram, Pinterest, Uber, Reddit, Dropbox, Spotify, Google Search, YouTube. So we do not expect this rising trend to stop.

Is Python the king of programming languages?
Is Python the king of programming languages?

Outside the Python Kingdom

There are not much changes in backend operations players. In this area we can still expect JavaScript to keep the lead and for frontend to keep one of the solid leading positions.

Some of the projects needs some specifics that cannot be covered by “all-purpose” and complicated coding languages like Python. New languages that are on a raise are fitted for the today´s need regarding cross-device optimization, higher user standards and fast performance. In the last few years we already saw some big investments from corporates into new languages like Go, Swift or Rust.

“No coding” coding

This tendency is shaking up the software development environment and it is definitely not going to disappear. There are platforms that will allow “laymen” to build a simple app without any previous coding experience. This is the area that raise a curiosity of many businesses.

Cyber Security as one of the hot topics
Cyber Security is and will be one of the hot topics

Cyber Security

As we see all the trends include data in one or another way. Data are becoming the core of the businesses, as they are the most valuable commodity. That´s why there are so many espionages and hackers´ attacks trying to get that information. Investments and focus on company´s cyber security should and will be the necessary and so much needed trend. And with it comes the demand also for the specialists focusing on IT security.

Data science

As we mentioned, data are very valuable. The more adequate and precise, the better. Following we can detect the patterns, searching for the situations that happens most often and come with more effective and optimized solutions. That is great news for business owners as it gives them the chance to avoid the situations they would complicate or devaluate the business – (e.g. downtimes in manufacturing). Data analytics and predictions also with Big Data will be one of the hottest trends.

Data Science as one of the IT and TECH trends
Data science

IT Outsourcing

Most of the companies are very innovative and have a wide range of projects in their portfolio. Outsourcing allows them to be even more creative and not limited by their own personnel skills. As for every new project they need a different sets of tech skills, they don´t need to keep all of them as the in-house teams. With outsourcing they reached higher flexibility, lower costs and perfect fit specialists for every project.

That is exactly what SEITEQ do.

Cloud Computing

Cloud is – without any surprise – in this chart of trends for 2023. In the beginning mostly small start- ups was using it, but now already international businesses, governmental organizations and even the Pentagon relies on it. Transitioning to this computing form has never been easier than now. It will be interesting to see how many companies will transfer to Cloud till the end of the year.

Cloud Computing as one of the IT and TECH trends
Cloud Computing – it started as a start-up feature, now it is used even by Pentagon

Develpment in IT and TECH trends is faster than ever. Every year there are new technologies, innovations, processes or techniques that are coming out. Some of the trends from previous years may decline, but others will continue to grow.

The chance to keep up we will have also in 2023. At the end of the year we can review it.

May the useful data be with you 😊