The more programing languages you know, …

The more programing languages you know, …

the better or more complicated?

According to Wikipedia, thousands of programming languages ​​have been developed so far (and new ones are still emerging). Of course, most of them are no longer used, or only minimally, but they are still active enough to cause confusion for those who are still looking for their way into the IT world or for those who are considering change and looking for an asnwer which programming language will be the best or most used in the upcoming years.

There seems to be no clear answer – as IT business is a rapidly changing environment and each project has its own specifics, preferences, so it is no wonder that the results and rankings of different programming languages ​​vary according to different sources.

But we can now use the list of the top programming languages ​​according to

1. Python

Although Python is 30 years old, it is still on the rise and can be considered the future of programming languages. According to the latest statistics, Python is the main coding language for about 80% of programmers. The presence of extensive libraries in Python facilitates the processes of artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning.

Python is a trend today and can be considered the king of programming languages. It is used in the development of applications such as Instagram, Pinterest, Uber, Reddit, Dropbox, Spotify, Google Search, YouTube and many others. Therefore, “Pythonists” are highly sought after by IT recruiters.


2. Java

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages, currently used in more than three billion devices. It is one of the most popular technologies. Until recently, it ruled the rankings. It is used in desktop applications, mobile applications, web development, artificial intelligence, cloud solutions and many more. It is used by companies such as NASA, Netflix, Spotify, LinkedIn, Uber, Amazon and others.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is very popular among programming languages. It is stated that more than 97% of websites use JavaScript on the client side of the website. It is one of the top platforms for programming dynamic elements. This will be called a pop-star among programming languages ​​in the field of websites. Like Python, JavaScript has many libraries and frameworks available that makes it easy to work with this programming language.

4. Kotlin

Kotlin is one of the fastest growing programming languages. It is a multiplatform programming language designed for application development. It is used by more than 60% of Android developers. So if developing apps for Android is your preference, this may be your way. When Google announced in 2019 that Kotlin was his preferred programming language, its popularity had grown significantly. Its advantage is its compatibility with libraries and frameworks in Java.

5. R

R is a programming language for statistical and graphical programming. It is used mainly among statisticians and data analysts. It is of great importance in data analysis, in the financial field as well as in the telecommunications sectors. There is a huge shortage of people with R-skills, so learning that language can be a good career choice for someone.

6. PHP

PHP is one of the general scripting languages ​​that is likely to retain its importance in the coming years. It is one of the first languages ​​on the server side. Due to the growing online trend, PHP developers are still in demand.

7. Go

Go is one of the most reliable and efficient programming languages, which is different from others. It was originally designed by Google in 2007 to manage its fast-growing infrastructure. It quickly gained amazing popularity and became one of the best programming languages.

8. C

C is a universal programming language that is designed to work effectively in games, graphics, and enterprise applications. It is one of the oldest programming languages, from which other than C # and C ++ were derived. It is in great demand despite the emergence of new programming languages. It is fast and efficient and therefore very popular among programmers.

9. Swift

It is a robust programming language developed by Apple. Used to build applications for iOS, watchOS, macOS and more. It can be seen as the future of high-performance and secure applications. Its syntax is similar to Java and C #.

10. C #

C # is a programming language that runs on the .NET Framework and was developed by Microsoft in 2000. It is effective in creating desktop applications, mobile applications, VR, and games. According to the survey, 34% of the best mobile games are made in C #. It is a well-designed language and is in great demand worldwide. It is used by companies such as Microsoft, Slack or Pinterest.

So what? What is your favorite? What do you think the ranking will look like in 2023?

If you are not sure which way to go, feel free to contact our IT recruiters.