TOP 10 IT outsourcing advantages

TOP 10 IT outsourcing advantages

In recent years, IT outsourcing for companies has become more popular. Demand has increased especially during the covid stage when companies tried to maintain their teams and projects in the new environment affected by the global pandemic.

Outsourcing is a cost-effective and valuable way for companies to quickly acquire more of the technology, skills and expertise they need. It helps corporations to focus more on their core business, receive services at the highest quality level and at the same time be in control of expenses.

What you can outsource in IT?

In general, almost all company activities and operations can be outsourced to external suppliers.

In the field of information technology, outsourcing activities can be divided into two parts – infrastructure outsourcing or application outsourcing. Infrastructure outsourcing can include data centre outsourcing, network services, security operations or overall infrastructure management. Application outsourcing mostly includes the development of new applications, maintenance of older systems, testing and QA services and implementation or management of various software.

What is the reason that IT outsourcing is becoming so popular?

The reasons why IT outsourcing is becoming more and more desirable for companies include mainly reducing company costs, reducing the company’s investment in capital expenditures, reducing the need for in-house hiring and training of employees, and generally improving the use of company resources.

The total share of IT services on the market is constantly increasing. The corona crisis contributed to this in the last two years, because it required rapid development and shift in many IT positions and thus increased the demand for experienced IT specialists.

IT Service Market

Estimate of future development:

IT Outsourcing saves the time and costs of your internal HR team

Individual positions in the IT field are very specific because the conditions change so rapidly. Businesses must be flexible. It is easier to achieve efficiency in this area through outsourcing. It also means significant time and cost savings compared to the internal process associated with searching, hiring and firing employees.

Regardless of the industry you are in, if you decide to outsource IT projects, IT positions or activities, companies always look for cooperation with experts who have excellent knowledge and experience in these areas. Knowledge of specifics as in IT market is a must.

Outsourcing companies on the IT market

This is where companies like SEITEQ come into play.

We are professionals who connect IT specialists with your IT projects. We have been focusing on these activities on a daily basis for years. That is why we are in an excellent position to provide high-quality services and have an extensive database of experts and IT specialists. We know the market, also the most common requirements and conditions of companies, as well as the expectations of candidates. We save you time and costs associated with filling highly specialized IT positions.

Improvements in communication technology have made outsourcing easier

Distance is becoming less of a problem in today’s fast-paced world, especially thanks to the online environment. The improvement of communication technologies means that another city, region, or state is no longer a problem, and the quality of the delivered services can be constantly monitored.

Not only it does not limit you to find people only in your area (you are not limited by the offers in your region, you choose the highest quality from anywhere), but it also reduces your infrastructure costs. It is no longer necessary to invest in internal spaces and equipment.

So what are the real benefits of IT outsourcing?

The list of benefits may vary according to the scope of outsourced IT activities and services. You can outsource only some of the IT positions and roles (some of which we mentioned in our previous article) or outsource entire projects or business processes (BPO).

TOP 10 advantages of IT outsourcing

According to, the biggest advantages of IT outsourcing for companies are one or more of the benefits listed below:

  1. lower costs
  2. increasing efficiency
  3. variable capacity
  4. focus on company strategy
  5. obtaining IT specialists with specific skills
  6. increased flexibility and adapting to fast changing business and market conditions
  7. lower ongoing investments in internal infrastructure
  8. access to innovation and intellectual property
  9. project start-up time is reduced
  10. entering new markets
IT Outsourcing with Seiteq

What are the challenges of IT outsourcing?

Everything has its pros and cons, IT outsourcing is not an exception. But if you put enough effort into the preparations, you reduce the risk in the final. How to do it?

Choosing a reliable and experienced outsourcing partner should definitely come first. Many companies use the label as an outsourcing company, but most of them are new to the market with very limited experience in placing IT specialists, which can end up costing you more money, time, or even risking the success of the project. Reliability, references and quality should come first.

Another challenge is an insufficiently specified intention on the part of the client. If you jump into the entire outsourcing process without having a clear picture of your needs, expectations and goals, it can backfire in the long run.

The more unclear is your view of internal needs and goals, the greater is your risk. You should keep all this in mind during the whole time – from decision-making, design of the entire process, to negotiating terms and signing a contract with the outsourcing supplier.

What now? Should you outsource IT services or not?

There is no doubt that the cost savings and simplified processes that come from outsourcing can provide an advantage to companies that choose to outsource. With the increasing benefits associated with this strategic move, it is hard to deny the popularity of IT outsourcing companies.

As with any decision, you must first look into your own “kitchen”. It is necessary to evaluate whether the company is able (taking into consideration time, financial and professional demands) to fill the positions of IT specialists only with its own internal process or whether it will be more effective to leave it in the hands of professionals in the field of IT outsourcing.

Good luck with your selection!