What 2021 brought to SEITEQ

What 2021 brought to SEITEQ

We looked back on year 2021 with SEITEQ CEO – Tomas Straska

The year 2021 was full of turbulent periods, challenges and changes not only in Slovakia but all over the world. Tomas, how would you define year 2021 for SEITEQ?

It was our most successful year. Despite the fact that there were several lockdowns and restrictions during the year, it paradoxically brought us more new orders and also customers. So the last year left us with a very pleasant feeling and memories.

Businesswise we managed to acquire interesting projects for corporate clients. We completed orders for which we were able to place IT specialists. We also supplied candidates and IT specialists from several countries, whether from the EU region or outside of it.

What projects have you handled?

We have been dealing projects for market leaders and large corporate customers, in the field of IS development, applications, project management, or the increasingly expanding implementation of SAP. The next chapter was projects for the banking and financial sector, i.e. banks and insurance companies. Smaller start-up projects have also become part of our portfolio.

What helped SEITEQ to adapt to the rapid changes in the market?

The demand for our services grew and that pushed us forward. It helped us that customers were willing to recruit candidates outside Slovakia. We saw an opportunity there, since historically we have good contacts from abroad, we have often used this channel before. The core team in our company has many years of experience, so when we saw an opportunity, we rolled up our sleeves and leaned into it. We simply took the opportunity.

Like everyone else, we also switched to homeoffice, which means we fully entered the online remote world. We set up the tools we needed so that nothing would hold us back. I remember the credo of my coach from childhood, who used to tell us – “You already have a proper bike, now you have nothing to complain about, you just have to work hard”. And that somehow stayed in my head and I follow it to this day.

Did the nature of the projects change during the lockdown?

Project assignments remained basically the same. It’s just that the majority of projects have completely switched over to the online world and it was no longer necessary to be physically at the customer’s place. We were able to solve most of them remotely.

Did the situation force you to lay off in 2021? Have you reduced the number of projects or employees/freelancers?

In 2021, we did not make any layoffs at SEITEQ. Due to the increase in projects, on the contrary, we had to recruit new colleagues with whom we worked. So our team grew.

How do you keep people in teams interested in this work?

I think it is possible mainly due to the variability and variety of projects that our IT specialists, programmers and developers solve. These are interesting tasks for world-famous customers with whom they would otherwise not come into contact. If the project is interesting for them, they enjoy the work, then they want to move forward with us. We have no shortage of such projects.

What would you recommend to candidates who are currently looking for a job in IT?

Mostly, the project itself will profile the type of people and specializations that will be needed. We always try to get the maximum amount of information from our customers so that we can convey this to the applicants and give them all the necessary details – what kind of profile is involved, what technologies are used, how colleagues communicate with each other within the project, or how they can learn and move forward.

We try to be a platform for applicants and advise them according to their experience and knowledge, which direction to choose.

How would you evaluate 2021?

It was definitely a YEAR OF OPPORTUNITIES for SEITEQ. We managed it, from my point of view, very well. We see potential in what we do and also growing opportunities for new projects. We always want to improve and move forward. And as I mentioned, it was our most successful year from a financial point of view.

What have you learned thanks to the crisis situation?

Problems and crises must be solved. This applies both for isssues at home and at work. It is necessary to identify the mistakes we make and correct them. Ask for feedback on yourself as well. Work on yourself and your character.

Since I want to improve myself, I go to conferences for entrepreneurs, where I get ideas and inspiration. I am also starting to work with my mentor, who was a top manager. He will be my tutor and the main goal is to develop my hardskills and softskills. One never stops learning.

Did the lockdown help you discover new ideas, projects, or thoughts that might not have arisen under normal circumstances?

I don’t know where I read it, but it was an inspiring story of a man who went to America during the economic crisis because he wanted to earn money for his family. He didn’t say that there was an economic crisis, but that he wanted to help his family. He managed to make money even during the crisis. He wanted to earn and earned. He did not allow himself to be paralyzed by the situation.

I was also at a conference for entrepreneurs called “Antifragility”. There were similar ideas and instructions on how to prepare for the crisis and face the problems arising from it. I also draw som inspiration from that.

Have you also experienced that Covid and the entire pandemic brought up humanity among people?

I personally feel that in our industry it is no longer only about numbers and contractual terms. Rather, it is mutual assistance between companies. It creates such a positive atmosphere when dealing with customers. It was worse before the Corona crisis.

Customers realize that they cannot cover all their needs from internal sources and they need to cooperate with outsourcing companies and staffing agencies that will help them cover the increased demand for people. It’s more about working together.

We hear from all sides about the importance of work-life balance. How are you personally doing in this area?

With the company and four children, it is difficult, I need to admit. When someone asks me what it’s like to have four children, I say that it’s very nice and also very difficult. I enjoy being outside with my children the most – on skis, bikes, on a hike, simply somewhere in nature. It is such a pleasant rest, the head can relax from all the office work.

I have also been doing sports since I was little and I didn’t stop either when I started in the company or when I became a father. So putting it all together requires excellent time management even in private 🙂 I am dedicated to triathlon, I am also part of a triathlon team, where there is an excellent team, joint trainings, that is another way to relax for me.

For SEITEQ, 2021 was a year of opportunities. What did last year bring you?

For me, for example, it was a “jubilee” year in the field of sports. In 2021, I was already at the Oravaman race for the tenth time. It is one of the most difficult triathlons in Slovakia. I am already registered for the next year. It is a strong motivation for me, because without training and working on myself, these races cannot be completed. I also won a silver medal at the Slovak championships in my age category. (The gold was won by our coach 😊)

So you are actually such a sports superhero in SEITEQ!

How do you see the year 2022? What is SEITEQ and the IT world waiting for?

This year, we received very positive responses to our cooperation with customers and the form of our communication. I see potential in what and how we do and we want to continue the improvements. We expect a further increase in demand for our services. We are waiting for the recruitment and training of new colleagues.

In IT as a whole, the demand will grow. Informatization will go to other sectors, the demand for the development of applications and new information systems will be greater. This will increase the demand for IT specialists with different profiles and experience.

I perceive that there is more automation in IT and the market demands that IT specialists have a broader scope. Companies and organizations will have to spend more resources and capacities on IT and related IT Security.

It sounds very positive! So we are looking forward to what 2022 will bring.