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Software Engineer

Information about job position

  • ID: OPSK - 1156
  • Location: Slovak Republic, Bratislava

Job Descripton, Duties, Responsibilies

  • Design includes participating in defining and interpreting feature requests, documenting those requests in functional specifications, and designing specific product and features for stability, usability, and maintainability.
  • Implementation includes using the latest development tools to turn the designs into actual software products. In particular, implementations must be stable and maintainable.
  • Testing responsibilities include both unit testing as well as providing additional guidance and support to the certification group.
  • Support includes maintaining the existing code base and providing assistance to the support group.

Other Benefits


    • Other Skills
      • BS or MS in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.
      • 1-5 years’ experience as a software engineer or equivalent
      • Proficient using C# and with a thorough knowledge of the .Net framework.
      • Thorough knowledge of object-oriented programming and design patterns.
      • Experience in work in Unity
      • Excellent written and oral communication.
      • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to maximize productivity.
      • Ability to work in the team with friendly attitude to colleagues
      • General analytical and design skills at single product/single environment level. General skills in research, project planning and implementation.
      • General understanding of entire development process, including specification, documentation and quality assurance.

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