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Junior SQL Developer

Information about job position

  • ID: OPSK - 1115
  • Location: Slovak Republic, Bratislava
  • Sallary: 1500 €

Job Descripton, Duties, Responsibilies

  • The main responsibility of the database developer is to develop and implement new database functionalities, including procedures, functions and triggers within a large enterprise application.

Other Benefits


    • Other Skills
      • Proficiency in PL-SQL is a mandatory requirement as is understanding of the Oracle database platform in general.
      • Experience in creating and navigating database structures in an optimal fashion is a strong advantage.
      • Other development platforms are a bonus, but do not constitute a major part of the work.
      • Additionally, the db developer needs to be comfortable operating in Agile teams, understand basic SCRUM terminology and processes, and other current trends in the industry, such as containerization, CI/CD pipelines, microservice architectures, etc.

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