Data Engineer

Praha, Czech Republic

Category: Information service activities

Profession: IT developer

Type: Freelancer, TPP - probation

Job Description

- We are looking for a colleague who would help us with the design, implementation and maintenance of our data pipelines - We develop applications for extraction and processing of e-commerce data, which are consumed by a number of our customers' solutions - The application has a web front-end that generates reports based on the data that our pipelines generate - your responsibility would be developing and maintaining these pipelines. - In AWS we use services such as EMR, Lambda, EKS, SQS, Lambda, MWAA, DocumentDB - The current implementation uses snowflake, Airflow for orchestration. Our goal is to move towards Spark, Scale, Python or use Lambda - We try to keep the infrastructure in Infra as a code of the project used by Pulumi - We use Github to host the code and we use CircleCi on the CI / CD - However, we do not oppose exploring new services and solutions that will support or facilitate development - Your responsibilities would be, for example: - Communication with developers responsible for the frontend part of the system and subsequent design and implementation of data pipelines through their reports. - Implementation and design of new data pipelines based on customer requirements. - requirements: - excellent communication skills in English - experience in working with data and the desire to develop in this area - experience with programming languages such as Python, Scala, Java - knowledge of analytical libraries an advantage - Spark, Pandas… - experience with AWS an advantage - but the desire to learn new things is important, we will be happy to help you

Expected start of work by agreement


Šeriková Michaela

[email protected]