DevOps Specialist

Košice, Slovak Republic

Category: Computer programming, consultancy and related activities

Profession: IT developer

Type: Freelancer

Job Description

Solution is a cloud based energy platform that gives you energy intelligence that can help to reduce your consumption and costs with ease, enabling you to make faster and better decisions for your business. Optimising energy - Get a better understanding of your energy consumption to stay in control. Active cost control - Keep an overview of the behaviour of end user energy management systems. Lower CO2 emissions - End user can better control his current energy consumption and plan his future. Solution uses data from intelligent meters, end user Building Management Systems or from gateway boxes. Thanks to the compatibility of this software analyses data to give end user a view of consumption in order to manage end user energy use effectively. If end user need any additional hardware we can provide with a solution that's tailored to the needs. Proactive approach to ensuring the product remains online and operational Proactive approach to helping developers with pipelines, releases and general efficiency improvements Willingness to monitor alerts, create/tune their configurations and initiate relevant discussions with developers and/or business people when anything malfunctions Raise tickets for observed performance issues or failures etc Ensure all infrastructure is secure and resilient Participate in release meetings and raise any questions needed to ensure smooth releases Run future training/onboarding sessions for all the above topics plus the summary of overall technical architecture

Other Skills

Experience with managing multi-billion row SQL databases (preferably Postgres) Experience with at least 1 public cloud platform, preferably GCP (Azure or AWS experience etc is enough) Production experience managing/using Kubernetes clusters (Optimum uses GKE on GCP for the infrastructure and Kustomize+GitOps for managing the K8s resources) Ability to create/adapt scripts for adhoc data-loading or data-fixing tasks (preferably with Bash or Kotlin) these typically involve CSV files and a REST API Use of GitLab Server with GitLab Runner and ability to create/update GitLab Pipelines and to proactively monitor & improve them in conjunction with development teams Confident managing ElasticStack with Filebeat, Heartbeat, Elasticsearch and Kibana Capability to manage a Grafana instance for both product monitoring and business reporting; current panels use Prometheus (PromQL), PG (SQL), ES (Lucene) and StackDriver Metrics as datasources Preferably experience with Prometheus (backed by TSDB) and also with RabbitMQ (handling millions of messages in HA mode) Fluent English


variable component in amount of 13. salary company social benefit up to 2 000 € extra project bonus company performance bonus loyalty bonus referral bonus up to 3 000 € unlimited, fully equipped home office flexible working hours hard and soft skills trainings, conferences and certifications unlimited access to all Udemy for Business e-learning trainings language course and upskill project contribution on your own hardware multisport card recreation voucher family culture teambuilding and sport activities

Salary: 310

MD rate: 310 €

Remote work: 100% remote

Expected start of work by agreement


Šeriková Michaela

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