We are going to communicate with you differently

05. November 2018

In Seiteq, we have been thinking a lot over the half past a year how to improve communication with our clients - both job seekers in the IT and engineering sectors and clients in the business sphere. We finally decided to start from scratch. 

New logo

Firstly, we came up with a logo redesign, because original graphics and communication already out of date. Out of several new designs we have chosen the one, with the main theme being the name of our company in a new modern font, complemented by circles from the original logo in the same colors. In particular, we wanted to achieve modernity, design clarity and good applicability primarily on-line.

New website

Secondly, our new approach reflects in a new website. We have tried to get our visitors first to find the information they are most interested in on the new site and to be able to reach other information in a simple way. This involved the minimization of potential disturbing moments thanks to pure design, differentiation and orientation over a given range of colors. This concept was finally emphasized by the comics theme.

Social networks

We want to implement the above principles into online communication through social networks that we are planning to make more dynamic and complex.

Personal contact

Doing all these changes we follow the only goal. To be closer to you - our clients and simplify the access to the important information for you. Our priority still is to communicate directly in person. We have preferred personal contact or phone calls and we would like to keep this trend with a support of other forms of communication. 

Your Seiteq team