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Permanent recruiting services

Permanent recruiting services

One of the main fields in which our company operates is searching and selecting the most suitable candidates, who meet the criteria defined by our clients, for the permanent employment.

Within the recruitment process we use a combination of proven methods in order to select the most talented candidates, to save time, reduce the costs of our clients. To achieve our results and quality, we use various tools, such as : own specialised online database, professional search on job portals and social networks, and if needed also classified advertising.

An assigned consultant communicates with the client all information throughout the whole recruitment process. Our employees are systematically educated through trainings and personal coaching. Thanks to this we are able to bring to this process innovations and quality increase.

Within the recruitment of employees we also provide specialised services:

Specialist search and Executive search


Specialist search

This service includes researches for technical specialists in IT and manufacturing industry.

It is an intended search and selection of candidates for positions with specific sets of skills and experience in the given sector. Our consultants are specialised in specific areas of industry and technology; we are able to find the best candidates, even the positions with high requirements for experience.


Executive search

Sourcing managers and top managers

 This is a direct search and selection of candidates for executive positions at various levels of management. As a search tool we use our own contact database of companies in relation to the business of the client´s one. 

 The selected candidates get a direct offer. They do not need to look for a new position but our offer might attract them to such an extent that they will decide to move to a new employer.

 During the recruitment process we maintain a high level of confidentiality. The client and the Top candidates get a review of the current state of the market and the competitive environment. 

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